- Leafy Spurge
- Knapweeds
- St. Johnswort
- Yellow Starthistle
- Musk Thistle
- Canada Thistle
- Tansy Ragwort
- Toadflax
- Poison Hemlock
- Purple Loosestrife
- Educational Materials
(insect photographs)
Bio-Control Products for 2018

BCW is pleased to offer you the very best choices of weed-feeding bio-control insects for 2018.

We encourage you to learn more about these exciting beneficial insects at this site.

Also, please contact us at any time for a copy of our free color catalog or if you would like to receive any of these useful weed-control insects for the current 2018 field season.

Black Dot Spurge Flea Beetle
Aphthona nigriscutis

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