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Who is BCW?

Noah and Leona Poritz began their company in 1986 to provide beneficial insects which attack exotic weeds. Noah has worked in a variety of county, state, and Federal capacities on the biological control of both terrestrial and aquatic weeds. He has a Master of Science in Entomology and substantial professional experience in biological control. Both have accumulated hands-on experience with a wide variety of phytophagous agents attacking over three dozen exotic weeds. Noah is also an accomplished photographer of insects. His work has been published in a wide variety of international agricultural journals.

Leona has a BS in business education and has worked in a variety of teaching and office situations. Her business and marketing experiences give her the hands on knowledge to keep the office operating smoothly. Any questions regarding the delivery of your insects can be directed to Leona.

Biological Control of Weeds, Inc.
1418 Maple Drive • Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone 406-586-5111

Email: bugs@bio-control.com