- Leafy Spurge
- Knapweeds
- St. Johnswort
- Yellow Starthistle
- Musk Thistle
- Canada Thistle
- Tansy Ragwort
- Toadflax
- Poison Hemlock
- Purple Loosestrife
- Educational Materials
(insect photographs)
Educational Slide Series and Books

BCW continues to supply visual materials for educational purposes. Our Educational Slide Series provide you with the finest 35mm color slide sets available anywhere.

The Slide Series contains 85 professional quality color slides of exotic weeds and their biological control of weed agents. This series illustrates North America's worst rangeland and pasture weeds and the introduced beneficial insects which feed on them.

***Images are also available in digital form.

Adult life stages of most biological control agents are fully represented. For most species, photos of egg, larva, pupa, and host damage are provided. Beautiful photographs of the target weeds are also supplied.

The price for the Slide Series is $250.00. BCW pays the postage on all Slide Series orders.

If you have questions regarding this Series or photographs of other insect species, please call or email. Noah would be glad to speak with you regarding insect photographs for news releases, presentations, and other promotional uses.

Recently published:
Biological Control of Invasive Plants in the United States

Edited by Eric M. Coombs, Janet K. Clark, Gary L. Piper, and Alfred F. Cofrancesco, Jr.
2004. 7 x 10 inches. 448 pages. Full-color photographs.

Retail Price: $45.00 Our Price: $40.00

Visit the publisher's web site for more details on this wonderful new book:
Oregon State University Press

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