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Toadflax Stem-Boring Weevil Damage and Adult Mecinus janthiniformis
BCW's most popular insect against Dalmatian toadflax is making a BIG impact. Mecinus janthiniformis, the Toadflax Stem-Boring Weevil is a 4-5mm long weevil that severely damages the flowering and reproduction of toadflax. Adult weevils feed externally on the foliage and the larvae feed within the plant. Larval feeding damages the weed's vascular tissues, reduces flowering and causes conspicuous wilting of attacked shoots. Adult feeding on the outside of the plant further damages the weed's ability to reproduce.

Report after report describes this insect causing Dalmatian toadflax infestations to "crash" in the field! Releases of 105 adult weevils are $100.00 and are shipped in May.

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