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Yellow Starthistle Insects

Yellow Starthistle Hairy Weevil
Eustenopus villosus

The Yellow Starthistle Hairy Weevil, Eustenopus villosus, is our best new insect for this poisonous weed. Adult weevils feed externally on the flowers and larvae feed within, destroying seed production. A good disperser, this agent can become widespread and have a significant impact on starthistle seed production. The Hairy Weevil is having significant impact as a bio-control agent of yellow starthistle. Releases of 105 adults are $60.00 in late June - early July.

2018 Hairy Weevil Special: Order 3 cartons and get a 4th carton free!

***Please note: YST insects are NOT for use in Montana (Montana has no yellow starthistle).

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