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Leafy Spurge Insects (continued)

The Flea Beetle Combination Carton is a mix of the two most effective flea beetle species (Aphthona nigriscutis & A. lacertosa). We carefully pack over 1200 flea beetles into a special carton and ship this overnight to you. Because our sorting and handling time is reduced, we pass these labor savings on to you.

The $100. price is the lowest we have ever offered for so many of these two important bio-control agents. It represents a great value to you and the most desirable bio-control selection against leafy spurge.

Red-Headed Spurge Stem Borer
Oberea erythocephala

As an adult, the Red-Headed Spurge Stem Borer (Oberea erythrocephala), feeds on the leaves, bracts and girdles the stems of leafy spurge. Females will lay between 50 and 80 eggs with the emerging larvae mining the woody stem and root crown. While the flea beetles prefer sunny release locations, this long-horned beetle is able to thrive in both sunny and shady release sites, such as cottonwood and willow bottoms. Releases of 110 adults are available in July for $150.00.

Spurge Shoot-Tip Gall Midge
Spurgia esulae
Attacked plant (right) unattacked plant (left).

Spurgia esulae, the Spurge Shoot-Tip Gall Midge, has two or three generations each year. Unlike the spurge beetles, midge females lay their eggs upon the shoot tips of the spurge plant. The presence of the feeding larvae stimulates the plant to form a gall that surrounds the larvae. Gall formation effectively prevents flowering and seed production on the attacked stem and reduces plant carbohydrate reserves. Releases of 55 galls (over 500 adults) are available during June and July for $75.00.

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