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Leafy Spurge Insects

The Black Dot Spurge Flea Beetle, Aphthona nigriscutis, is the most successful of the four species we offer to attack leafy spurge.

Adults will feed gregariously on the leaves and bracts of leafy spurge. Females will lay an average of 225 eggs at the base of spurge plants. The larvae will feed internally and externally on the primary and secondary roots and cause considerable damage to plants. Our customers are observing dramatic declines in spurge plant density and vigor in areas where the flea beetles are established. Releases of 500 adults are available in June and July for $50.00.
Black Dot Spurge Flea Beetle
Aphthona nigriscutis

The Brown Legged Spurge Flea Beetle, Aphthona lacertosa, is another successful root boring beetle introduced to attack leafy spurge. Similar to A. nigriscutis above, dramatic declines in leafy spurge density have been reported from attack by A. lacertosa. Releases of 500 adults are available during June and July. For only $50. you can benefit from one of the most effective bio-controls against leafy spurge.

Brown-Legged Spurge Flea Beetle
Apthona lacertosa
USDA researchers in Montana found that Aphthona flava releases reduced leafy spurge infestations in field plots from 57 percent of canopy cover to less than 1 percent in just 4 years.

    - Agricultural Research Magazine, 4/94

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