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How Bio-Control Works For You

1. Low-cost weed control.
Bio-control is considered by many to be the most cost-effective weed management method available. A recent economic analysis of biological control revealed a benefit/cost ratio as high as 100 to 1.

"My insects are out there working even when I'm not!"

    -a BCW customer like yourself

2. Effective weed control.
All the insects we offer have a proven scientific record in attacking and feeding upon their target weeds. In addition to scientific studies, there are the satisfied customers of BCW who tell us of their successes with their insects.

3. Permanent weed control.
Once established and feeding in your weed infestations, your insects will continue to attack your weeds, month after month, year after year. No other weed management method provides you with such long-lasting control.

4. Environmentally friendly weed control.

Only the target weed is attacked--non-target trees, shrubs, grasses and crops are unaffected; safe for use along shelterbelts and waterways; so safe a child can use this weed control method!

5. Integrated weed control.

Using our bio-control insects is easy--just release each carton into specific areas where you want them to go to work. You can continue to use herbicides if you desire. Just limit your chemical treatments around your insect release sites in the first few years. As your insects expand their range and have an increasing effect, your herbicide use can decline or be integrated for an even greater degree of weed control!

"Herbicide applied to leafy spurge did not effect long-term Spurgia esulae population." This was one result of a North Dakota State University study on the effect of the herbicides 2,4-D, picloram and imazethapyr on the Spurge Shoot-tip Gall Midge. While there were short-term insect reductions in the herbicide treated areas, "Spurgia esulae would be compatible with herbicide treatment in an integrated leafy spurge management program."

-Weed Technology, Vol. 8 (2) 1994

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