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Many people are learning about alternative control measures, such as biological control, to manage their exotic weeds. Biological Control of Weeds, Inc. does not promise elimination of one's weeds. However, we do recommend taking advantage of all control tactics available; this includes using beneficial insects. In fact, many state weed laws now recognize the use of introduced insects as a viable weed control tactic. It makes sense to use insects. As one customer of BCW said, "These insects will be out here working when I'm not!" Once established, our insects are self perpetuating--feeding, reproducing, and dispersing to new weed patches, without any additional expense.

Why Biological Control?
Herbicide application has been the most widely adopted management tool against many rangeland and pasture weeds. Unfortunately, the marginal economic rewards and inaccessibility of many of the infested rangelands has limited the value of chemical application. Simultaneously, the elimination of desirable broad leaved species and the potential contamination of the water table by herbicidal application are deleterious side effects.

For these and other reasons, biological control is the most promising management tactic for rangeland weeds.

USDA researchers found that a single release of the Black Dot Spurge Beetle "...practically eliminated leafy spurge from an area 18 by 20 yards by the end of the second year. By the third year the cleared area measured 53 by 59 yards. And at the end of the fourth year, the beetles had cleaned the weed from an area 88 by 100 yards."

Agricultural Research Magazine, 4/94

To be successful, an introduced biological control agent need not kill its weedy host outright. If the insect can stress the plant and reduce its competitive advantage, more desirable vegetation can displace the weed. Biological control using insects is slower than other weed control methods. Five to fifteen years is a realistic timetable for some degree of weed suppression to occur, but biological control is a safe, permanent, and inexpensive weed management tactic.

Biological Control of Weeds provides specific insects that attack only certain weeds. Not all weed problems can be addressed by the insects that we provide. We will do our best to estimate the type and quantity of insects you will need. If we do not have what you need, we will make every effort to provide you with the most current information available.

High Quality
Biological Control of Weeds has been providing beneficial insects to farmers, ranchers, county weed control districts, and State and Federal Agencies since 1986. We provide high quality service and support to all our customers. If you desire references from our customer list, we would be glad to furnish that information.

At this web site you will find information on the insects which BCW has available. We encourage you to place your order as early as possible as all insect species are only available during precise seasonal periods.

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